Product care

Moths of Australia

All of the brooches and earrings in our Moths of Australia collection are made from sustainably sourced plantation hoop pine plywood. Artwork is printed directly onto the plywood. 

The inks used in the printing process are manufactured for outdoor use. Not only are they incredibly hard-wearing, they are also designed to withstand fading. Prior to printing, the plywood is coated with a sealant which makes it water and warp resistant. 

Although the finish on our brooches and earrings is resilient, please ensure that you adhere to the following care guidelines, to preserve your item and prevent damage. 

  • Store items in a clean and dry environment
  • Do not submerge items in water
  • Avoid exposing items to extreme heat (e.g. a hot car on an Aussie summer day!)
  • Avoid rubbing your items against abrasive surfaces